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This is my Motherlode mine guide in OSRS. It's both a good way to get exp 30+ but most importantly you get a good prospectors set with it. Once you get level...

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The Motherlode Mine is an area in Runescape to earn additional rewards WHILST mining. So I have decided to do Motherlode Mine for 10 hours in OSRS. Why I did this i'll never know, but mainly...

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RuneClan offers xp tracking & tools which help you manage your RuneScape clan.

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This could be my biggest score yet. Problem is, I uhh... sprained my ankle. Yeah, I would be right there with you battling those demons to get this treasure Completion. Looks like we hit the motherlode!

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Minecraft mod. Contribute to MotherlodeProject/Motherlode-Legacy development by creating an account on GitHub.

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At level 30 Mining, coal (215) can be mined, and a popular members' place to mine it is in the Motherlode Mine located in the Falador Dwarven Mines. Also, players can obtain gold (126), mithril (87), adamantite (862), and runite (11,055) if they have the respective Mining levels.

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[OSRS] Motherload Mine: The Complete Guide. [OSRS] LOOT From 10hrs of RED CHIN HUNTING | Starting With 65 Hunter. Motherlode Mine Efficient Unlock Order [Old S...

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If you’re playing pay-to-play OSRS, you can get the prospector kit from Prospector Percy in the Motherlode Mine. This provides a total of 2.5% bonux xp for every mined rock. It won’t be useful if you’re trying to get to max level and be quick about it, but it’s a requirement for a master clue step so you might want to get it anyway.

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Mother lode is a principal vein or zone of gold or silver ore. The term is also used colloquially to refer to the real or imaginary origin of something valuable or in great abundance. The term probably came from a literal translation of the Spanish veta madre, a term common in old Mexican mining.

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Mining. Mining is officieël mijnbouw in Nederlands. Je hakt erts (ores) uit een steen met een pickaxe (pikhouweel) en zet die ores op de bank, dat is eigenlijk de hele skill. Hoe hoger je Mining, hoe sneller je grondstoffen kunt krijgen. Je kunt je pickaxe als wapen dragen of gewoon in je inventory houden.

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Golden nuggets are obtained in the Motherlode Mine by searching the sack after cleaning the pay-dirt. There is a 2.74% chance of pay-dirt yielding a golden nugget, independent of mining level[1]. An overfilled sack of 108 pay-dirt has a 95.02% probability to contain at least one golden nugget.

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